How to create a page only accessible by admin?

My idea is to set negative rules of the page only accessible admin under all 8 access levels including "visitors" on my website. Any better solution?

If there is a shortcode I can add for admin like [level-admin] [/level-admin] it will be the best I think. Please advise.

  • Vaughan

    Hi @ruoxin,

    you could assign your admin to a private subscription. (ie. create an access level for admins only.)

    Call it admin.

    Then on the subscriptions page, create a subscription plan for admin (call it admin)

    Add the admin level to the plan & make it indefinite.

    Then save the subscription.

    Now on the subscription plans page, you can make that subscription plan private, so other members will not know it exists.

    Then just add your admin account to the admin subscription plan.

    So then you can use shortcode


    But as an admin you should see all content anyway, so if you set negative rules for all other levels, then they will not be able to see that page anyway.

    Hope this helps

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