How to create a premium store like with individuals upgrades

Is there any way to create a premium store with for example ad for 10 per month and upload for 5 per month

I want to be able to sell upgrades individually just like

Also is there any way to sell premium themes individually for example 50 for Blog MU, 45 for 72 Class I want them individually

One last thing, is there any way to show premium themes on a different page, as far as I know this option is gone, maybe you guys can create a filter in the themes page for premium themes


  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Hi @WrSantiago

    I presume you are referring to options with the Pro Sites plugin.

    If so, then unfortunately, the answer to your questions is no. :slight_frown:

    Advertising, upload quotas, themes & plugins can be included as premium modules per Pro Sites level, but not for individual sites. You can however, manually adjust the upload quota for individual sites under Sites > All Sites in your network admin.

    Themes that you have set to Pro levels only will still display on the main Themes screen in sub-sites as an incentive for your users to upgrade. But having a filter available to show all premium themes would be a nice addition, I agree.

  • WrSantiago
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Hello @PatrickCohen thanks for your quick response!

    I am a little sad, since my request of having a store like wordpress could not be possible, I would have to dream about it and be happy with what you guys offer which is a lot!

    Appreciated your help,

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