How to Create a WooCommerce Category Page

Hello, on the site: (password is Lilli*999)

If you click the Dreams for the Home link, it takes you to a series of images that are intended to display WooCommerce Products according to their Product Category. For example, if you go to "Town and Country Collection", that page will display the Products in that category.

How do I set this up? As of now, it looks like the only way I can do it using this Jupiter theme, is to have the WooCommerce Shop page which would then list ALL the product categories. We are trying to first direct people to the "Main Category" (Dreams for the Home, Dreams for your Business), and then filter them down into each "Main Categories" respective Product SubCategories. For example, the Dreams for the Home should have the various collections, ie. Town and Country Collection, Picket Fence Collection, etc. Whereas the Dreams for your Business should have the Main Street Collection, etc.