How to create Breadcrumbs?

Please advise in detail how to add Breadcrumbs to blog and shop pages with Spirit theme

  • Nastia

    Hello there luca sgariglia

    To add breadcrumbs you will need to create new shop page and then add Woocommerce products to it. Because this solution will work only with Upfront's default template. Please open this page and click on Upfront Button to load the page with Upfront Editor and create a new page

    1. Create a Global region.
    To create a global region, click on the pencil icon at the corner and follow the instructions on the screenshot bellow. Adjust the region height to your needs

    2. Add and modify Posts Data element
    Under Draggable Elements select Data, and drag and drop Posts Data element to a global region.

    Open Post Data settings, create new preset for it and select to show title only. Please see the detailed instructions here

    And that's it. You can save the changes. Please repeat the above process for every other page where you wish to show breadcrumbs.

    Now you will need to add WooCommerece products there as well. Drag and drop Posts element into a page:
    [image pos="5"]

    Open elment's settings and select Posts by Taxonomy, select post type Products and pick poct parrts to display under Post Parts Settings
    [image pos="6"]
    [image pos="7"]

    Currently, there is a bug in Upfront and you will not see products while you are viewing the page from the Upfront Editor. But once you exit the Upfront Editor the product will be shown.

    Hope this will help!

    Kind regards,

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