How to create eNewsletter Templates that are prepopulated with content

I'd like to create a new template for e-newsletter and I want it pre-populated with content (client needs a table in it basically).

Looking in page-create-newsletter.php I can see that if there is data in $newsletter_data['content'] this gets added to the newsletter- so it looks like there is already a function for this but I cannot see where I can save/create newsletter templates...

Any pointers please...


  • Vaughan


    thanks for posting.

    you can create new templates by

    1. Make a copy of the entire folder of any existing template and rename that folder to anything you like (eg: My Custom Template).
    2. Inside your new template folder, open template.php
    3. Enter your custom template name at the top of that file where you see


    4. Edit the template to your heart's content and save.
    5. Upload your new template folder to plugins/e-newsletter/email-newsletter-files/templates

    Your new template should appear in the Templates area of the plugin settings in your admin. Note that the preview image will be identical to the one you copied until you actually send yourself a sample and make a screenshot. Then you can use that to replace the preview images in your custom template folder.

    however with regards to pre-populating with data, can you be more preceise in detailing what you are wanting to pre-populate with?

    I'm not sure it could be fully done using the templates without some custom coding, & I'm not entirely sure a $_GET request would work in such a case. But until we know more about what you are trying to achieve, it will be difficult to actually see if it's possible.

    hope this helps.


  • davidosullivan

    Ok Great,

    I am happy to do some custom coding if needs be, it just looked like there might be a database entry for the newsletter templates from the files I mentioned above.

    Basically I have a client that wants to notify people about their 'latest properties'. They will be wanting the content to be a table with a column of images on the left and prices and bullet pointed info on the right. They are not going to be able to make this themselves unless I provide them with a table already set up in the 'content' area...

    So basically I just want the content Area to have that already in there...

    Thanks for your help :wink:


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