How to create pricing tables and style dot points in Upfront

OK so I couldn’t get an existing price table plugin to work so I thought that I would just build one myself using 3 sections evenly spaced across a page which I got to work (this is just a demo staging site so no real formatting yet) @

Then I thought that I would use CSS to style the points as either ticks or crosses but that’s where I got a little lost.

I tried to use the code module and then write the HTML as well as the CSS. No good.

Then tried to link image to the

  • . No good.
  • Completely lost. Any help would be great.

    Cheers… Brett

    • Brett
      • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

      Hi there Calvin,

      Sorry I had the Membership plugin activated, that’s why the page was protected. Removed that now so you should be able to access the page if you want to.

      I thought about the situation last night and realised that I was making it too difficult for myself. I have a tendency to do that LOL So I decided that I would just use Fontawesome icons. So I just inserted their CDN code into the Upfront Parent header.php to pull the right CSS and away I went.

      To style the individual li with the icon I wanted I just inserted the appropriate class i.e: fa-check for a tick or fa-close for cross. Further styling of green and red was achieved by creating custom CSS as below. Worked a treat.

      li.fa-check:before {

      color: #009900;


      li.fa-close:before {

      color: #cc0000;


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