How to create sales pages, squeeze pages, landing pages, etc.


I just searched on sales page, squeeze page, etc., and since I'm pretty new here, I figured I'd ask how folks are handling such theme variations around these parts...

In general, I create a custom field, like "nonav" and remove all the navigation elements and then write code into template itself.

However, since this is a community of businesses, I'm guessing there may be a less "manual" and easier way to handle the creation of:

video landing pages
other squeeze pages
single column sales pages

---all of them having no navigation at all

For one of my sites,, whenever I have the menus available on the sales pages, conversion percentages drop immediately. It's a huge drop too.

So, what are the best practices for creating theme variations for sales pages, squeeze pages, landing pages, etc.?


  • Mason
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    Not had to create one of these personally, but you'd probably still have to create this manually if you wanted to keep it in WordPress. (you could always link to a regular html/css page otherwise).

    But to match the theme of the site it's probably best to keep with the template. You could create a new page template and then call a custom header file specifically in that page template. This way, you could load whatever components from the normal header that you want, but choose to exclude other elements (like the navigation).

    From there, you'd be able to choose the template from within a new WordPress page and type in your content as normal.

    Like I said, haven't tried it myself, but seems it would work. Anyone else tried to do something like this? The problem I see is that you'd have to do it for each new theme. Not really helpful unless you'll use this page template multiple times.


  • dainis
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    Wow, so basically, construct the theme customizations manually each time? There are lots of paid solutions for this kind of stuff. It's one of the main features of kajabi. I know what these pages are supposed to look like to help sites make more money, but honestly, the coding feels daunting for me.

  • georgef
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    There are a couple of templates that you can purchase if you are looking for an easy way out.

    Just Google Wordpress landing page templates, you will find a few.

    Just upload it once, then every time you want to setup a sales page, you just choose the template on a new page.

    I have a few basic ones setup and works great.

  • Lifebrightener
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    Thank you both very much,


    Any favorites, there are so many frogs to kiss in this world.


    I must admit that I don't see that Holder is very pretty, or that it is easy to make a landing page marvel of a wallet filling masterpiece, where I can paste in affiliates like Amazon, Google, eBay, and last but not least; WPMU DEV of course.

    How do you conceptualize I could do at least a bare minimum of attaining this goal. I was thinking of using Dixi or Product, What is your favorite for getting out the most sites, for the most different types of marketing channels. I want to use text, pop in Amazon's flash ads, and some YouTube for some extra spice.

    Thanks and chow for now,

  • georgef
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    I think is one.

    I think I have a free template that I downloaded from there as part of there offer to subscribe.

    Depending what you want, you should be able to grab a basic one for free and customise it from there.

    Hope that helps.

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