How To Create Schedule Similar to Live Support

I understand the the Live Support schedule here is generated by a "customized version" of the Events+ plugin. At first glance, it looks like that offers much more that what I need to do…which is create a page with a schedule of times that our hosts will be staffing a live telephone support hotline.

The week would show like on the Live Support page, and each "cell" would show the time, host name, and (optionally) avatar of host, when someone is available. And I like the green dot indicating the session is live now.

Before I install and start configuring, I wonder if anyone could suggest a simpler solution, or provide a better recommendation. Would Appointments+ be better?

I'm just trying to avoid manually coding the schedule, preferably with some sort of interface for easily managing times and hosts.

On a related note, I wonder if there is any way to render Events+ shortcodes on the main site, if the plugin (and schedule) resides on a subsite.

Thanks in advance for any feedback and direction!