How to create subdomain from mapped domain

Hey there, I’m currently parking new domains to my hostgator account and then mapping them with a plugin. Well in sum cases it would be really good to have child domains such as for like diffrent language versions. I’m not guite sure how to create such a thing. Has anyone had any experience about this?

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    Alright thanks for that i’m gonna test it later and see. I like the MU Domain Mapping plugin interface and usage, also it just needs a static ip witch currently for my needs is good.

    Thnx tfbc for thoughts wpml i already tried also but it’s just a hassle to setup since currenlty i needs couple sites with diffrent content. So it would be more clearer to teach the user to swap between sites rather than use wpml.

    Languages for wordpress mu seems to only translate the admin end?

  • tfbc
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    if you plan on having different versions of the same site with diff content, id suggest just using the wordpress multisite feature and then setup an A name wildcard alias with your host. this will allow you to create multiple wordpress sites under 1 install and each site be unique in its content. All managed from 1 wp-admin dashboard

    then if you wanted to have, like you said

    then you create a new site within the network called en, then the site creates that subdomain automatically.

    it can be setup like or

    the multi-domain plugin from what i understand is to allow users to create their sites within a WP MU and be able to choose from different TLD (top level domains)

    Domain mapping plugin that wpmu dev offers is too offer those users access to use their own domain names for their site on your network.

    Example: A visitor comes to your site, they register and create a new blog

    they call their blog


    with WPMU you can choose to have subdomains or sub directories for install.

    if setup as subdomains

    then their site is created as


    then after thats created, within their dashboard, they can click domain mapping, and it gives them instructions on how to point their own domain to the IP address of your WPMU (

    it would instruct them on how to create an A Name in the DNS to point to the wpmu

    If using cpanel this can be done easily if you have access to the simple or advanced DNS Editor

    Say you have cpanel installed which allows multiple domains to be added under 1 cpanel

    my guess by your post being with hostgator this would be cpanel, and you have domains parked in cpanel

    if you click the advanced dns editor and select that parked domain from the dropdown

    then for A Record put in the wpmu sites IP address

    visual tutorial on cpanels dns editor:

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