How to Create the Store's Appearance


I’m experiencing a disconnect in understanding how to turn this store’s look and feel:

into this store’s look and feel:

I don’t want the same template, but I do want a store that actually looks like a store rather than a set up that makes each product resemble a blog post.

I don’t see instructions for this transition or a question/solution in this forum about this. Am I missing where the instructions are found?

Within Store Settings–Presentation Settings, there is a drop-down menu for Store Style that contains four settings. I’ve tried all four with no change in the way my store appears.

I do see the two available MarketPress themes. However, it seems that if I install and activate either of the themes, my blog’s current theme will also change, and I don’t want that.

What am I missing to keep my blog the way it is and include a store that’s not interrupted by my blog’s appearance?

Thank you,