How to customize BuddyPress Business?

My domain can be found at the following URL:

1 - I am trying to get my BuddyPress Business template to function almost exactly like the BuddyPress Business demo. I have tried different ways and have now resort to asking for help.

If you look at the links, they are not working as they do in the demo. I would like the same plugins as the demo as well.

2 - I am trying to set an image on the front page once again, just like
the BuddyPress Business. I know these web pages are dynamically created, so I could not find where to put my image so that it
shows up on the home page in the same size and place as the demo.

I look forward to your reply.

Phil Stone

  • Alexander

    Hi @pstone,

    Much of this can be configured from Appearance -> Theme Options. Also, you can further customize your menu by creating a custom menu and applying it to the navigation bar. (Appearance -> Menus)

    To match the home page, the first few options of Theme Settings allow you to choose a page to use for content, and the size of the image. Then you just set the featured image on that page and it will be used for the home page of your site.

    Thanks for being a WPMU DEV member. Let us know if we can be of any further assistance.
    Best regards,

  • pstone

    Ok, I'll start this again one by one with specific questions:

    Firstly, Thank you for your reply!

    1 - On the home page of my site,, I would like to ad an image the same size as the largest image found on your site: What is the size of that image?

    2 - Exactly where and or how to get that image on this home? I have already uploaded an image to the library.

    3 - The word "welcome" is on the same home page on your site, where do I write that so it appears on the home page of my site?

    Looking forward to your reply!


  • Alexander

    Hi @pstone,

    I apologize for the delay here. Below you'll find exact instructions on how this can be done. I've walking through them on my test site, so I can confirm this is hwo it would work.

    First, go to "Settings -> Reading" and make sure "Front page displays" is set to "Your latest posts"

    Next, create a new page called "Welcome" and add your description in the body of that page. Then set the featured image to what you've already uploaded in your media gallery. Finally, save the page.

    Now go to "Appearance -> Theme Options" in the first section, choose your welcome page from the dropdown. Then choose "large" from the next dropdown regarding image size.

    To match the colors, go to "Preset styles" and choose the blue option.

    That should do it! The rest you can just customize as needed.

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