How to customize New Blog Templates frontend thumbnails

Hi, the template name was appearing for "New Blog Templates" just when I was mousing hover the thumbnails. But with a jquery code I have inserted it at the thumbnail top. But I am still getting an error with my code when I browse the templates category. Please, take a look at and check it out for realizing the error. The code I made is this one:
var templateNames = jQuery( '.template-name' );
var previewWrap = jQuery( '.theme-previewer-wrap' );
for ( i=0; i < templateNames.length ; i++ ) {
templateNames.eq( i ).remove();
previewWrap.eq( i ).prepend( templateNames.eq( i ) );
Do you have any idea about how to change it in the backend for not getting the error anymore? Is there any hook for that?
Thank you!