How to customize the booking form style


On my homepage I have the following scheme to book a massage:

select service
select provider
choose time and date
appointment form

For the first two shortcode their title are both between a div giving theme kind of a h2 style (<div class="app_services_dropdown_title">First, please select the massage you want.</div>:wink:.

1/ The next shortcodes don't have that, how can I have a title of the same style before the choose time/date and appointment form.
2/ How do I translate service provider, etc.. to something else? How do I add a line of text in the appointment form?
3/ How to display a Paypal logo when the client is asaked to pay?
4/ How to make it more obvious that the client need to pay to confirm his appointment? I'm afraid that some client will just click on "please click here to confirm" and won't see that they need to pay.

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