How to customize the membership registration process?

Hello guys!

I'm facing a big problem here in my BuddyPres+WPMU Project...

I activated the membership plugins and set 3 different types of user:
Visitor: Can not do anything

User Type1: Can use buddypress and see blogs and groups, but can not create blogs and groups.

User Type2: Can do averything.

User Type1 and User Type2 are totally free.

What I need is:
When the user register, the user choose what type of user he wants to be, that's ok, it already happens.
But when the user fill all fields and click in register these two users must be redirected to another page I've already created with two buttons:

Button 1: If you are user type 1 click here to go to main activity

Button 2: If you are user type 2 click here to create your blog and group.

I've already created this page and set this page as "Registration completed page", but when I register a test user I get redirected to a page asking to insert a code...

How can I redirect the user to the page I created instead of the user goes to this page?

I really need this to work as quick as possible, today there's going to happen a test.

Could you please help me guys?