how to customize wordpress/buddypress site to make it not look like a wordpress site

Hi, is there a way to customize the wordpress layout, and

have the dashboard not using wordpress admin panel, completely takeing that out of the picture, so that people wouldn’t even know that it’s a wordpress site.


  • pianoman
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    Hi Alex,

    Depending on what you want, the answer ranges from 1 or 2 plugins to a myriad of custom coding. Some questions include:

    1) Are you wanting admin controls without using the WordPress admin panel or are you simply wanting to hide it from non-admin users?

    2) Most experienced IT folks can view source code on any page and tell within 10 seconds whether or not WordPress is being used. In other words, if you are truly trying to hide all traces of WordPress it would be a massive undertaking.

    If you are interested in allowing users to see a custom profile page where they change information and have this page not look like WordPress that is readily doable. If you want to totally customize the login that is very doable.

    Give us some more specifics on what you need and we should be able to point you in a direction including that $250/hour programmer who has a minimum of 1000 hours :slight_smile:

  • aristath
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    Hello there @alex_song,

    As @pianoman mentioned above, there are plenty of ways to use if you want to make a WordPress site look like a non-WordPress site.

    If you have some experience theming, you can use a theme like Roots:

    This will effectively cleanup a lot of the WordPress default code so that even by looking at the code of a page, noone will be able to tell it’s a WordPress-based site.

    If you want your users to be able to use the Dashboard, you can use a plugin like Bootstrap Admin to change the way it looks, and write some custom code to hide certain areas of your site.

    If you don’t want your users to use the Dashboard, then a plugin like this one might come in handy:

    I hope that helps!



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