How to cut percentage from sales with Marketpress Multisite

Dear community,

after long hours searching and reading tons of threads

I’m still not clear on how to sort this.

The site I’m building should operate like Etsy.

I understand Global Cart does not allow for Paypal Chained Payments, but I need to have a Global Cart to show the buyer all their picked items from different stores.

From what I’ve seen, Etsy shows all items from each store in a different box, allowing to checkout and pay for each separately. What they do then, is this:

“Fees for listings and transactions are accrued on your monthly Etsy bill. At the end of each month we add up all your fees, and we email your monthly statement to you. You must pay your bill by the 15th of the next month using either the credit card on file or PayPal.”

So my questions are:

1 – Is it possible to have Marketpress allow for independent checkouts for each store?

2 – If the checkout mechanism is for all items in one go, how does each store owner get the payment? Is it that the Paypal Business Account set up at the master WP takes care of routing buyer’s payment to the respective stores?

3 – Is there any recommended way for billing a cut to each store for their sales every month?

I could do some coding, however my deadlines are pretty tight.

Thanks in advance!