How to Deploy Custom Payment Plugin for Events+

Hello Team,

1. How can I deploy another payment gateway in events+ if I am not using Paypal to accept payment for events.

2. How can configure events+ to allow registered users on my site to create events and see all the details of their events.

3. Does Events+ generate barcode or registration id for everyone that registers for an event.

Thank you.

  • Timothy Bowers

    Hey there.

    1. You would have to custom code something up to do this. If that's not something you can do then you would need to hire a developer for the task.

    Our code is open so you can see what was done for Paypal.

    2. You can allow frontend editing/submission with the addon from the settings page:

    Admin --> Events --> Settings

    But this wouldn't let them use their own payment processing or settings.

    You could allow them to have their own site within WordPress Multisite that way they can have their own settings, payment processing, etc.

    You could use something like our Pro Sites to charge them to have their own:

    3. It does not, if this is something you require then it would take some custom coding.


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