How to disable a Multisite (with Woocommerce)


I hope somebody could help me.. I'm living a nightmare since 2 weeks ago.
I have to downgrade/disable a Multisite That I enabled in a website with activity.
I thought I had security copies.. but I'm not sure, I think they are not properly done. And also, I can't restore the website with info from 2 weeks ago, I would lose a lot of content.
The problem I had is related to the subdomains, they are not working (always with error 404), so Now I'm trying to do the installation in a new domain.

So, I have to disable the Multisite. Since this is a very active site, it was dangerous to make this kind of mistakes... So I tried to put, in the FTP folder, the htaccess and wp-config as they were (I have copies) before starting the Multisite process, but... it doesn't work:slight_frown:suddenly, if you type a URL, you can't see the site, instead of that, the system starts to download a php file). Maybe there's a proper work to disable OK the Multisite options.

the domain: i b i z a c h r o m e (.) c o m (without the spacebar)

What could I do?

Thank you very much in advance!