How To Disable Account Registration after Marketpress Checkout

Hi! I've searched the Marketpress options, docs, and support topics but couldn't find an answer...

Is there a way to disable the user account registration pop-op that appears after checkout is completed?

I have registration disabled on our network at and I have left Force Login unchecked in the Marketpress settings.

Immediately after checkout, however, customers are presented with a pop-up for user account registration. This pop-up blocks the page with their download link for digital products.

I do not need users to register, and if they attempt to do so, I wonder what would happen anyway since registration is disabled.

So, how can I just prevent that pop-up from displaying?

Please see first attachment for screenshot of pop-up.

While we're at it... Is there a way to hide the whole "Have an Account" section on the checkout page? If registration is disabled, and we don't Force Login there is no need for this.

See second attachment for "Have an Account" screenshot.

Sorry for the multiple questions.
Thank you in advance for any help!