How to disable localhost backup

I have a scheduled backup set with Google Drive as the Destination, but Snapshot is leaving a copy of the archive in the local server. I just need to confirm that is it standard operation to leave a copy at local server.

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    This is just to confirm that Snapshot will store at least one local copy of the latest backup according to the default settings. You can change the "Storage Limit" in the "Frequency" section under each of your Snapshot's settings. Here's a screenshot for reference:

    Setting the "Frequency" to "1" (this is the least value) will store a local copy of your latest backup and remove the previous one(s). Setting it to "0" actually means "Keep All", so in this case, Snapshot will not remove any of the local copies of the backups at all.

    Hope this helps. Let me know if you have need any further assistance regarding this. Thanks!


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