How To Disable PopUp Pro Pop Ups For Pages Only (And Active Only On Posts)

I'm wondering if there's a way to disable a pop up on ALL pages? And only show up on posts?

At the moment, I'm using the Display Conditions: Not On Specific URL...

But that's very inconvenient as every time I create a new page, I have to insert the new page's URL in the conditions. I'm finding myself doing it quite a bit and creating a long list of URLs in there.

Look forward to hearing from you.

  • Ken Kimbrell

    Hello Alex-

    I see you have a question regarding our PopUp Pro plugin. Happy to help you!

    Yes we do offer that functionality. There is a way to target only your posts and not all pages, and then trigger the pop up. I can see how troublesome it would be to add all of the urls as you create new pages, and finding a dynamic solution would be better for you.

    First you will want to go to your dashboard and on the left pane you will want to click on PopUp -> Settings See a visual representation in the reply below.

    Then you want to go to the "Available Conditions" area and on the 11th condition, which is "Post Types", you will want to make sure this is ticked. Then click "Save All Changes" See a visual representation here:

    Finally you want to go into your PopUps and select the PopUp you want to be displayed on your posts, and then edit that pop up. Go ahead and turn off "Not on specific urls", you will no longer need this :slight_smile:.

    There should now be an Available Condition that says, "For specific Post Types". Go ahead and activate that condition. Then follow these instructions.

    1. On Show for these post Types: Click on that field and select "Posts". That should now be visible!

    2. On Show on these Post Type URLs: Tick "Singular". Now make sure your popup is active and test it out. It should now only be visible when a single post is open an read by a user.

    See a visual representation of the steps taken below:

    Let me know how this works for you!

    Take Care,


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