How to display a Custompress Custom Field


We're using Events+ to manage our calendar and have front end editing turned on so members can submit events using the shortcode [eab_event_editor].

We've created a custom field (using custompress), it is working in the dashboard, can you tell me how to make it show within this form too?

Otherwise it's a little bit redundant.

Thanks very much


  • Panos

    Hey jamesathomson ,

    Glad it works for you :slight_smile:

    In order to remove the new line after the field's title/label, in the attached file on my previous reply, you can modify line ~39 which should currently contain:

    $addons .= '<label>' . do_shortcode('[ct id="'.$key.'" property="title"]') . '</label><br />';

    and change it to something like:
    $addons .= '<label>' . do_shortcode('[ct id="'.$key.'" property="title"]') . '</label> &nbsp; ';

    You can use additional css and use class "event_cp_additional_field":
    //Style for each field line
    /* ..... some styling ....*/

    //Style for the title/label
    .event_cp_additional_field label{
    /* ..... some styling ....*/

    //Style for the ceckboxes
    .event_cp_additional_field input[type='checkbox']{
    /* ..... some styling ....*/
    Not sure what you need to display, so I can't provide the exact css you need. I assume you might need some padding or some width for title/label of the additional field

    Hope this helps!

    Kind regards,

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