How to display a value stored in a function in functions.php in WP template


There is a value in a PHP variable that I am using in a function in functions.php in a custom PHP theme

Now I wish to display this value- either on screen or in console or log(just to check its value)

How do I do this? Since the value is used in functions.php I cant simply use javascript to display it in a web page.

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  • Jorgen Juel
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    Hi @Arvind
    I'm not pro on PHP myself yet, but I think this approach would do the task;

    First create a variable in your functions.php, outside your function scope.
    Then reference the variable inside your function, using global variable.
    Then save your value within the function to the variable.
    Now the value is stored in the variable and can be sent to the user in any way you wish.
    For instance, you can create it as a shortcode and use the shortcode somewere else to display it.

    Here is my code example:

    function this
        global $variable;
        $variable = yourvalue
    //create shortcode
    function my_shortcode_func( $atts ){
     global $variable;
     return $variable;
    add_shortcode( 'my_shortcode', 'my_shortcode_func' );

    I think this should work.

    edit: I suppose the other solution was alot simpler :slight_smile:

    Jørgen Juel

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