how to display shipping on product page, also checkout issue one of my shops has flat rate shipping. I have already setup my USPS account in the settings, I chose countries as ALL, and entered the flat rates for each option. lower48, Hawaii/Alaska, Canada, and International.

The product page does not show shipping.
How do I enable this?

And on a related note, if I add 2 items from the shop, the shipping only shows for 1 item.

Shouldn't it show for both?
What if the shop wants to have a +$2 for each additional item?

Thanks in advance

  • aristath
    • Recruit

    Hello there @Kelly, I hope you're well today!

    Shipping is not shown on the individual products... Instead it is being calculated during checkout.

    And on a related note, if I add 2 items from the shop, the shipping only shows for 1 item.

    Shipping is calculated per-order. So if a user orders 2 items from your store, you should pack them together and send them as one package, not 2.
    Flat rate shipping is per order, not per product.
    What if the shop wants to have a +$2 for each additional item?

    You could use the weight rate and for example specify that each product "weighs" 1Kg. Then use Kg as "items in your shipping cost calculations and build your costs like that.

    The alternative would be to custom-code a shipping gateway that will automatically take care of calculations on a per-item basis for you. If you are not comfortable doing that yourself using PHP then my advise would be to create a new job in our Jobs Board on so that a skilled developer can do that for you.


  • Tyler Postle
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    Hey Kelly,

    Hope you're doing well today :slight_smile:

    There is no built in way to do this, as often the shipping costs are different depending on the person viewing the site, like in your case. If the user is a guest then it won't know which shipping cost to give them, until they enter their shipping destination at checkout.

    The most common solution for this is to have a shipping page with a table of the costs. Being from Canada, and often buying stuff from the states - this page is one of the first things I look for on a US based site :slight_smile:

    You can always build it around your target destination too. If it's the US then you can have the US shipping rates in your sidebar with a link to the full page of shipping rates for each area.

    Let me know if this approach would work for you :slight_smile:

    All the best,

  • Kelly
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    Hi Tyler -

    Thanks for the response.
    I was hoping there was a way to have fields in the product page so when that is filled out, the shipping rates would be filled out as well.

    With multisites, one page with rates on a sidebar won't help, it would need to be on a shop by shop basis. Since the shop chooses countries to ship to and sets rates and their origination zip code in the main Marketpress settings, isn't there a way to display those on the product pages?

    Other sites often have a way to set:
    and Everything Else.

    The seller then chooses a flat rate for each of those choices, and it displays on the product page.

    Is something like this possible?

  • Tyler Postle
    • CGO

    Hey Kelly,

    Thanks for the explanation there!

    That isn't possible in the current version of MarketPress out of the box. The easiest workaround would be for the shop owners to create a shipping page and clearly link to it either in the sidebar or on the product page itself. You could also create a template type banner or page for them to just fill in their own prices for.

    With that said, I think it would be very cool to have a feature like this. So I will move it over to the MarketPress requests list :slight_smile:

    We have a major MarketPress release coming up, so we'll see what's included in that when it is finished.

    If you wanted to get this custom coded in now, then it would be a good post for our Jobs Board.

    Let me know if you have any further questions on this Kelly!


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