How to display user activity stats in front end?


I wanted to display the user reports in front end on a page. May be using a shortcode. This helps me to show the data to specific people without allowing them to log into the super admin area. I hope it makes a lot of sense.

Not only for user activity plugin

Add the feature for,

1. User activity As said already

2. Blog activity

3. Reports

The idea is,

The stats from those plugin above is currently accessible only on Super Admin area. Making it to view inside a page (Front End) lets us to showcase the data for concerned people easily and this page can be secured using password protect. I hope you understand what I am coming to say.

Currently I am manually sourcing Data for all users (Around 1200) from Reports Plugin and feeding it to a page. I also manually update the user activity and blogs activity in a page daily.

Please consider this feature!

Thanks. Hope it will be added soon.