How to do Appointments Extending

I would like to do some plugin extending to get some site specific changes to the Appointments+ plugin.

For example, display/hide and validate/ignore the additional fields I created based on the user's selection of service. I can do it by changing the plugin core files, for example like this:

In appointments.php line 1639

change this:

to this:
if (($service == 1) || ($service == 3)) {

But, I don't want to do that. I would rather just add a hook or filter in the functions.php file. I have tried various ways to use remove_action and add_action, but not yet been successful.

So, what is the correct/best way of doing that?


  • Jude
    • DEV MAN

    Hey @Michael Kaplan

    Can you first remove_all_actions() on the app-additional_fields-validate before doing the validation ?

    remove_all_actions( 'app-additional_fields-validate' , 1 ) ; 
    ajax_funtion($service) {
    if (($service == 1) || ($service == 3)) {

    Then if the validation conditions are met ( inside a different function ) simply call the action again ?


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