how to do free trials on drip content using membership?


Is there a resource that shows us how to do free trials on drip feed using Membership?

For example, I have a membership whereby I wish to charge $300. It would be composed of a drip feed of 7 modules, each one is released after 1 week. I would like members to sign up for free and get the first 2 weeks free, but after that it should automatically demand $300 before it allows them the remaining 5 weeks.

How do I achieve that?



  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there @David,

    Hope you're well today and thanks for your question! :slight_smile:

    You'd have 7 access levels, each access level would represent one week. Then in membership > subscriptions > add new, you'd set all your access levels to that subscription.

    The access levels would be set for 7 days, finite. This means it ends per access levels and moves onto the next, the payment for the first two should be 0.00 and then you define the price after that for each week, or you can do a one time payment of $300.00 for the third access level and then 0.00 after that.

    That would then mean the user would sign up and would need to pay the $300 before accessing the remaining five weeks, if this makes sense? :slight_smile:

    We're here to help.


    Kind Regards

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