How to do 'register with facebook' post April 2015

Hi all,

I'm looking at using some of the WPMUdev plugins for a site I'm quoting on at the moment. The client wants to be able to allow users to register/login with Facebook. Simply put to connect their facebook account, let them authorise us to use their details and then bring all their details into our system.

I've not done this before and have a couple of questions:

1: The Ultimate Facebook plugin offers registering with Facebook (and single click registration). This seems to be exactly what I'm after, but there's the note below saying:

'As of the latest Facebook API V2.0, signup using facebook is no more supported. We recommend to use the WordPress signup process, as this feature will stop working on 30th April, 2015'

Does this mean that Facebook totally no longer allows websites to use 'signup with Facebook' (similar to how Pinterest started out)? Are there more details about this anywhere?

When WPMUdev says 'we recommend using the WordPress signup process', does that mean that users can't use Facebook to register at all, and have to do the standard WordPress username and password?

2: How does the 'Map Wordpress profile to Facebook' work?

Does it keep it in sync? If a user updates their profile (e.g. first name) on Facebook, will it be updated on Wordpress?

Is it possible for some elements to be in sync and others not? Like sync first name & last name, but not their location?

Thanks all, this looks like a great plugin but if that functionality is gone then I'm not sure how I'll meet the brief the client's set out as he needs seamless integration with Facebook.

Look forward to your responses.