How to double width of Header 1 widget but not header 3 widget

Hi all,

The three widgetized areas (headers 1, 2, and 3) in the home page of Blogs MU are fantastic and extremely useful, but I’m finding them to be squished when I place activity widgets in them. I’d like to remove Header 2 and extend Header 1 to replace that space. Header 3 widget will remain the same.

Using firebug, it appears in custom.css I can change .services-box { width: 28% } to .services-box { width: 59% } to effectively double the width of Header 1 widget. Fantastic, except unfortunately this also doubles the width of Header 3, which I want to remain at 28%. There’s a lot of areas in the css I can make changes but they all change the width of ALL three headers. Is it possible to isolate and extend the width of only Header 1 in css? Or do I have to venture into php? This may be beyond my skill level, but I thought I’d post here for possible next steps.

Thank you all :slight_smile: