How to downloads and media files protection?

Hi All,

can you please somebody write me step by step how can I set the downloads and media files protection?

I use the latest Membership plugin 3.0 and cannot find the solution.

I do this:

Create 3 Access Levels:

– Strangler – read the all default post, but cannot read and write comments

– Default membership – free subsription: read the all default post, To be able to read and write comments and can download defalut media

– Premium – this is inactive now

In the Options menu I set the Default membership to the Protected groups in Download / Media Options. And I set Masked download URL:

I edited the Default membership level int the Access Levels. And I add the comments and the downloads widget to the positive rule.

I edit the downloadable media in the media manager and set the default membership.

I insert the downloadable file to a post this method:

But the user who is the member of the default membership cant download the file.

Please help. What should I do?