How to duplicate custom posts as custom posts?

I have a multisite network at

The WMPU Dev plugin, Recent Global Posts Feed was installed in /wp-content/ using FTP upload. Autoblog is installed and activated on the one site where I wish to use it. A third party plugin named Pazzey's Store Locator is installed and network activated.

I created an Autoblog feed following the identification instructions provided by the Global Posts Feed. The feed is ...

I processed the autoblog feed. The only posts that did not come through were the Pazzey Store custom posts. Regular posts from other sites in the network flooded in.

I would like the Pazzey Store custom type posts to come in as Pazzey Store custom post types, so the [storelocator] shortcode will include them in the master store map on the root site.

How I do that?

  • aecnu
    • WP Unicorn

    Greetings Kirk Ward and indietravel,

    Thank you for the great question and I will lay it on the line, I know nothing about Pazzey Store custom posts and it is not in my support mandate to know anything about it:
    The support we provide here is how to use the current features of our products and bug fixing, teaching someone to code PHP is a bit beyond that scope.

    Reference WPMU DEV lead devloper:

    Though I admit that this is not asking to teach you how to code PHP, nor am I withholding the answer, can someone show me where this is a current feature of our plugin?

    Since I do not know the answer myself and I cannot call in the lead developer because this does not follow the criteria laid out in the above post by the WPMU DEV lead developer, please advise what I am supposed to do now?

    Cheers, Joe

  • Kirk Ward
    • Syntax Hero

    Greetings unto thine own self aecnu,

    And likewise, not being a smart cracker myself, I will lay it on the line from my direction.

    Pazzey is working fine. It is sitting there and doing what it is supposed to do. Create custom post type "pazzey-store."

    I am wanting Recent Global Posts Feed and Autoblog to do what they state they do. I want Recent Global Posts Feed to pull the feed for the custom post type, "pazzey-store," or whatever custom post I deign to use. As it states on the Recent Global Posts Feed "Usage" page, "You can access feeds for custom post types by using, substituting customposttype with your custom post type."

    I presume you support that?

    Next, I want Autoblog to read that feed, and post it as the custom post type that it was when it entered the RSS stream.

    As I noted above, I have followed the instructions on the Autoblog "Usage" page also, "Add new feeds by going to Dashboard >> Network Admin >> Auto Blog >> Add New.

    From there you can configure the feed address, assign it to a particular site in your Multisite network, and set up all of the options for the feed."

    I do hope that part is supported as that is where I am having the failure. The posts are not arriving from the feed. Do you support that?

    Please do not confuse my request for assistance on the interoperability of these two plugins with a request for support for a third party plugin.

  • aecnu
    • WP Unicorn

    Greetings Kirk Ward,

    I am not suggesting that you are requesting support for a third party plugin, you are requesting support to integrate a third party plugin.

    After a bit of digging I have come to the conclusion you have probably not activated the Post formats addon - Allows a post format to be selected for a feed.

    Please advise if you have indeed activated this add-on and if your third party plugins custom post type indeed shows up for selection?

    Cheers, Joe

  • Kirk Ward
    • Syntax Hero

    Did not notice any instructions about addons in the autoblog Usage page. Did not touch addons as I did not want to corrupt any basic operation. I am paranoid about mucking up new toys.

    So, I went to the addons tab and activated the Fost Formats. pazzey_store is now a listed format. Processedd feed and nothing came through. Am presuming it is now because the feed was processed earlier in the day and there are no new pazzey_store posts.

    Thank you.

    I will create a new thread if this is not the solution, but since I will be traveling for a few hours, I will create some new posts and process them at that time. At this point, I believe your answer to be the solution as the type was not listed previously.

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