How to easily start a support ticket?

I get trapped in a bit of an infinte loop trying to start a support ticket. I realise the 24/7 chat is there and if the help was urgent I wouldn't mind using it, but I do have a preference for the general ticket system because:

a) it has a quick ready reference that I can go back to at some other point when I'm looking for something again (which I invariably will),

b) it's generally not time sensitive and I'm happy to let the support guys attend to other more urgent requests, and

c) because hopefully it would help someone else when they go to search for the same thing.

I find it difficult to start a simple ticket usually ending up on the "start a chat" screen and the only way I know how to get here is to:

1. go to the community area
2. start a conversation
3. change it to a support request

  • Kasia Swiderska

    Hello madivad,

    So very short answer to your questions is:
    1. Start a chat
    2. Request staff person to create a ticket on your behalf (they will do that for you).

    And that is it :slight_smile:

    Yes, right not there is no longer direct way to create tickets on support forum - there is few reason for that. One on the main is that on chat we can really resolve many, many less complex and time consuming issues and because of that on forum we get "hard" cases that are requiring more time to troubleshoot, investigate and fix.

    Even if you now doesn't have ability to create ticket on your own, you still can request that on our chat. We really don't refuse doing that on your behalf. You can prepare title and content and leave rest to us - then you will get email notification when it is answered.

    We are still improving how things with chat will work - to make it more efficient tool for WPMU DEV members and staff, so things can change in the future.

    We are also working on making some of the chats public - so they could be also used as reference like tickets are now.

    I hope this helps

    kind regards,

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