How to edit displayed domains/subdirectories to mapped domains, if possible...

When I create a site it says I am a member of all the domains I have created.

These domains are rendered in their unmapped form...

Its not a huge deal, but if my client creates a domain and sees the message "you're already a member of" when he has mapped it to "" it may be a little confusing.

Any way to get around this? Any thoughts?

  • karmikovic

    Hey aecnu,

    The page in question is found by navigating from the main root network to any site on the network. Then navigating to

    My Sites->"Create a New Site"

    Here is the url of this page->
    The page says...

    "Get another "rootsite" site in seconds
    Welcome back, username. By filling out the form below, you can add another site to your account. There is no limit to the number of sites you can have, so create to your heart’s content, but write responsibly!"

    "Sites you are already a member of:"

    My problem is that have been domain mapped to...
    usersite(1-3).com, however the mapped domains are not being displayed.
    1. How do I make this page display the mapped domains instead.
    2. How do I make the url for this "create a new site page" to render the domain the user is currently on (mapped) instead of root domain?

    I think others (who don't want users to know the main network domain) may too find this useful too!

    Thanks for your time,

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