How to edit the login/register popup on CoursePress plugin

I have this website, I would like to edit the PopUp information when the user press the Course login/registe button, I need this message there :

<p>Med å opprette en bruker eller logge inn godtar du vår Personvernerklæring.</p>

  • Adam Czajczyk
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    Hello morfjord

    I hope you're well today!

    The content of that popup is dynamically generated by the plugin so you won't find it in any of the theme templates. However, there are action hooks that can be used to add up to that popup form with a simple bit of additional code.

    Since you are already using a child theme, you may add following piece of code to its "functions.php" file:

    add_action( 'coursepress_before_login_form', 'custom_cp_login_message' );
    function custom_cp_login_message() {
    	echo "
    		Some custom message/HTML comes here

    The "Some custom message/HTML comes here" text should, of course, be replaced with the message that you want to use.

    This particular code will add your message to the "login" form in popup, between the "Login to your account" label and the form. Depending on where you want to put your message you might alter the action name in "add_action" line in the code above.

    For "login" form:


    Any of these two will put a message between "Login to your account" label and form fields; the only difference is that the first one puts it above the HTML <form> tag and the second one puts it inside the HTML form (after the <form> tag).


    Any of these two fill put the message below the form fields; again - the difference is the same, the first one will put it below form fields but inside the form (above closing </form> tag) and the second one will put it outside the form (below the closing </form> tag).

    For "signup" form:


    Any of these two will put the message under the "Create new account" label, above the form; first one outside the form (above the <form> tag) and second one inside the form (below the <form> tag, still above form fields);


    These would put the message right below a specific field of registration form; the actions' names specify below which field the message would go.


    This would put the message inside the form, below all the registration fields but above the "Submit" button.


    And these two would put the message at the end of the form; the first one would be inside the form (above closing </form> tag) and the second one outside the form (below closing </form> tag).

    For example, the code I shared above adds the message above the login form but we want to add another one below the fields of registration form but above the "submit" button. The code would then be:

    add_action( 'coursepress_after_all_signup_fields', 'custom_cp_register_message' );
    function custom_cp_register_message() {
    	echo "
    		Some custom message/HTML comes here

    As you can notice, I have also used a different name for my function here, that's because since I'm adding two custom messages to popup, I need to make sure that function name is unique.

    I hope that makes sense :slight_smile: If you got any additional questions, let me know, please.

    Kind regards,

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