how to edit the page template for product/cart and other store pages

I am setting up a marketpress store and see the "store front" page under my pages section of my wp admin. I can change that store template by clicking the template drop down and selecting one of my many page templates. Problem is that I don't see this option for all of the other pages (i.e. cart, products page, etc). Where can I edit these pages? These pages are not showing up in my pages section of the backend of my wp.

Also, my marketpress store is not playing too nice with my current theme. Would I have to edit each file (product page, cart, etc) individually? Or can I create a template for the store and use that for all of the individual pages? Is there a quick fix? I do not want to install another theme as I want to use the current one I have for my website. I want this store to integrate with my current theme.

You can view my current store by visiting the following link:

Thanks in advance!

  • Vaughan


    most of the pages you mention are virtual pages, so you can't really customize them without editing the core files.

    there's a themeing guide in the marketpress-includes/themes folder which explains a bit. you basicly have to copy your page.php file, then rename it to say mp_cart.php then look in template_functions.php to get the functions to use.

    for the products page, you could create that page in your dashboard > pages

    then use the shortcodes to display the products, that should allow you to select a template.

    it would probably be easier to use the framemarket/gridmarket theme and make that theme look like your existing theme.

    hope this helps

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