Marketpress and parrot

I want to customize parrot to make a store, but can't seem to be able to edit the layout with upfront and when I go to wordpress back end I am getting a warning that all upfront editions will be lost

does anyone know how to do that?

  • Linda

    Hi there Panos

    My upfront is acting kinda funky at the moment...

    there is a continual flickering of the right side + icon when I go to edit regions and at times the save changes button falls off the bottom of the screen meaning I can't save the changes

    what I am desperate to do is change the fonts, colours of fonts and button colours on the product not too drastic, but maybe not possible since the product page is a container? I am also really scared of even continuing with an upfront theme because if I use e.g. Parrot to setup a clients shop will the client have to deal with upfront everytime she needs to write a post? Or can I somehow save the theme so that she just posts new products and perhaps writes a post for her blog or upcoming event but from the normal wordpress backend? She just wont be able to deal with it, because she is just starting out and it's her first wordpress site :wink:

    thanks in advance

  • Linda

    It should however be noted that I love the freedom that comes with upfront, it just isn't suitable for my clients needs, and she wants some custom stuff, such as colours and a picture which I personally don't see myself achieving without upfront so kinda stuck and hoping there is a solution
    + I have gone through great lengths to translate marketplace so need upfront to work and hopefully I can just make the upfront theme work normally on the back end of wordpress?