How to elegantly embeded Google Forms data into a wordpress page?

Hi there,

We're developing a wordpress web app based around Google Forms. Essentially we are using wordpress to give our users a platform to fill out a google form. Their data goes to the spreadsheet, which we are querying to post charts and numbers back into our wordpress page.

Charts are actually pretty easy to embed. No problem there.

However, numbers-- or precisely the content from a particular cell in our spreadsheet are proving a real pain in the ass.

We've kinda hacked a solution where we post the cell info using an Object tag. Like so:

<object data="" width="100%" height="100%" align="middle">  </object>

However, the result is pretty ugly and we can't figure out even how to center align the Object.

You can see the result on our page here (look for the ugly white number boxes at the bottom!).

Has anyone ever figured out how to do this? Its a super useful and powerful technique to add live data to a site! Or perhaps can you suggest a better way to format the Object tag or get the data in there? The site is 100% for mobile, so it has to work in that context.