how to embed a mailto:emailaddress within the automated WP and APP+ messages?


I am trying to get an embeded email address within the auotmated messages. so that when the user clicks on NAME it will open up a new email message box.

I tried using this


however after clicking the save button the changes are kept without the

and all i am left with is just myname
Doesnt work -
works -

Support Acces is open



  • Tom
    • Code Wrangler

    Hi Kasia,

    Thanks i have downloaded and installed the plugin.

    I don't need anything too complicated with a whole template etc.
    Just plain and simple just need the email address to be clickable in all email clients.
    Now that that plugin is activated does it automatically resolve the issue? or do i need to place each message within that page to generate a new html email content before pasting back into the Automated email section of the settings pages?

    Please see this screencast -
    Im a bit unsure how to use the plugin further... Doesn't seem to take effect (seen towards end of screencast)



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