How to embed videos in Spirit theme

Hi there,

I'm having trouble including videos with the spirit (upfront) theme. I've read through as much of the help as I can find on it. I can get it to work from the back end (usual wordpress page, just putting something like: [embed width="123" height="456"][/embed])

I can't get it to work from the front end with either the WPMU youtube drop and drag (just comes up as a blank spot that I can't then edit or even delete!). When I embed with the shortcode [embed width="123" height="456"][/embed] and then press return the video comes up (loads in the customiser) but then stops loading after that, and is blank on the actual webpage.

My workaround is using shortcodes ultimate. I've included a file using the following code in the text box:
[su_youtube url=""]
then (importantly, can't press return after it, otherwise loads it on customiser page, but returns errors on real page).

So, I'm wondering if anyone has come across a solution for this without resorting to plug-in (which would be my preference), and just letting you know about the issue.


p.s. Screenshot here of editor, when I click return after entering the [embed] code, it loads the video, but doesn't load it on the page proper. The second code is using the shortcodes ultimate and works (as long as you don't press return after typing in the shortcode).