How to enable: "Activate Plugin Per Site Basis"

How do I enable: "Activate Plugin Per Site Basis"

Cannot find the option?

I want to INSTALL a plugin on SELECT blogs (manually if I have to), because one of my plugins (WProbot) needs it done that way.

Menu Settings

"Enable administration menus [X] Plugins"
Enabling Plugins does NOT have the options to "Install" a plugin. :slight_frown:


  • Tallon
    • Flash Drive

    Ok I Solved it!

    If anyone else had this problem also, here is the solution :wink:

    Install "WP Robot" under Network Admin, DO NOT "NETWORK ACTIVATE".

    Now go to: Settings>Network Settings>Menu Settings> "Enale Administration Menus". Enable "PLUGINS".

    Now go to your individual blog and Activate WP Robot under your plugins menu.
    Enter you Registration info to finish install for WP robot and repeat on all your other websites.


    WP Robot needs to be installed this way so the WP Robot can Create the proper DB entries.


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