how to enable all users to see content generated by the shortcode mtouchquiz


I'm using membership with visitor/free/paid levels.

I recently downloaded and setup a neat little plugin called Mtouch Quiz. It was setup and working OK until I realized that the output is only visible to super admin.

The plugin developer kindly got involved and informs me the conflict is with the Membership plugin, which is cutting out display of the quiz.

The embed code for the quiz is [mtouchquiz id=1] which just pulls quiz1 into either a page or a post. The code isn't being chopped out at the 'Publish' stage, it's still in the page/post HTML, but isn't visible on the front-end unless you're a superadmin.

I see you good folks came up with a plugin for Gravity forms, to prevent the same issue with their forms not displaying to various member levels. I do have that plugin installed but it doesn't help Mtouch Quiz.

I'm not a coder, I wonder if someone could suggest a way to make this work please?