How to enable minify for admins but default set to off

Hi there,

I need a good minify solution for my multisite that allows subsite's admin to setup their own. Now Hummingbird does have this perfect solution, but unfortunately it breaks the layout 90% of the time. It needs tweaking and not every one can do this so easily.

So how can I enable this option for site admins but it's disabled until the site admin decides to turn it on and tweak it.


    Predrag Dubajic

    Hey Ronald,

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    Minification can be a bit tricky tool and in some cases indeed requires tweaking to get it working properly with theme/plugin combo you have on your sites.

    When you go to Hummingbird > Dashboard panel in your WP Network admin section you can actually select who can use minification on your network.
    This way you can enable minification for Super-Admin only and your subsites admins won't be able to enable minification and only Super-Admin can enable and adjust it.

    Let us know if that's what you're looking for

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    Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Ronald!

    If you select the "Blog Admins can minify" option from the drop-down list in "Minification" section on "Network Admin -> Hummingbird -> Dashboard" page, admins of sub-site will be able to minify but not forced to.

    The "minification" is not enabled by default, the option will only show the "Hummingbird" option in sub-sites' dashboards. Then, an admin of a sub-site (or a super-admin) can enable minification by clicking on "Check Files" button there. Only after that minification is enabled and then can be "fine tuned".

    The only exception is this:
    - the minifcation has been enabled on the sub-site
    - then, without disabling it on the sub-site, it has been disabled in Network Admin
    - and then it's been enabled back in Network Admin

    In such case, it will be automatically enabled on sub-site but in any other case - if it was never used on a sub-site before or it was left disabled there - it shouldn't be automatically enabled.

    Kind regard,