How To Enable Multiple Site Network Options Like WordPress MU in WordPress 3.0

I recently acquired WP 3.0, Buddypress, and the BP Daily Theme. I want to have multi site functionality. I read on a website called that I must make code changes in WP 3.0 to have the network function. Is this true?

They suggested the following:
"Open wp-config.php from the root folder of the domain where you have installed WordPress 3.0 and add the below line of code before this line “/* That's all, stop editing! Happy blogging. */:”

define('WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE', true);"

Do I net to do this to have MU functionality?

  • Dale Hazlett

    Thank you for the additional guidance. It clarified quite a few things. But,now I have a couple new questions. I had a conversation with support at my host last night. They said that using sub-domains would not work with them but that using sub-directories would work. That is just as well because when I set my site up I loaded an html based site into the domain and placed the WP related stuff in a subdirectory called /blog/. My idea was that I would place a link on the html home page to take a user to the WP/BP portion of the site (I don't think would do it that way again). One question that I have now is; "will the multi-site network setup still work if I use sub-directories of the "blog" subdirectory?"

    Also, the host company (bluehost) installed WP 3.0 and BP directly and I do not have desk-top files. I also do not have filezilla. I can, however, download and upload files and folders using "unlimited FTP". My question is, will that work just as well as filezilla (including that 'right-click' creation of a folder) to get the job done?

    Thanks for any guidance you can give.

  • Mason

    Honestly, installing WordPress with multisite anywhere other than the root is gonna give you trouble. It's possible to do so, but especially as your subdirectory is named "blog" this will mess with the blog lookup for your blogs within WordPress multisite. Are you sure you want/need multisite?

    Also, why not recreate the content of your main site within a WordPress theme? This would greatly simplify your setup and keep you from running into a variety of conflicts as you progress with the site. It's easy to get a WordPress theme with static pages (including the home page) and present the blogging and buddypress bits only where you want them. Just my 2 cents of course :stuck_out_tongue:

    Good luck!

  • edvt

    Hope you don't mind me jumping in here, but this is on topic and I'm a newbie who's lost.

    I've attempted to follow the directions for enabling multisite, but from the very first they're not working for me.

    1. Locate your wp-config.php file on your hard drive.
    2. Right mouse click on your wp-config.php file and select EditPlus 3 to open your wp-config.php file for editing using EditPlus 3.

    The software was installed by my hosting service, and I'm assuming that for a self-install (I've never done one ) that I would have a copy of the code on my hard-drive from the download prior to uploading it to the server/host myself?
    As this didn't happen, I do not have this softare on my computer's hard drive, and i also don't have this EditPlus 3, whatever it is.

    Please Sue, in your rewrite of the manuals that I know you're working on now, please avoid making these assumptions; that we'll all automatically have installed ourselves (hence have a copy of the code on our own hard drives) and know the software you're referring to. A good manual just can't do that!

    So, given this, how do I proceed now?
    Can I access the code with my hosting service, or must I ask their support to do all the code changes, of any type, for me, as I don't have the code myself?

    I'm at a total loss :slight_frown:

  • Sue

    @Dale Hazlett the advice Mason James is the best advice.

    I think what your hosting company meant was when you set up multisite as per these instructions when you get to the step that says "Setting up your sub-domains or sub-directories" you need to select the sub-directories option (see part way down on that page).

    FileZilla is a FTP client that is a good option if you are using a PC: You can read more about FileZilla and other FTP programs here - If you are using a PC I recommend that you use FileZilla and follow those instructions on how to log into your install so you can use FTP.

    @edvt Thanks for your feedback. Currently the The WordPress and WordPress Multisite Manual is designed so that is meant to be read from the beginning and working down step-by-step through the page. So what is EditPlus and FileZilla are covered in earlier pages in the manual.

    Certainly we will look at how we could add in more explanation on both EditPlus and FileZilla when it is mentioned on pages. And will also consider how we might deal with installs that hosting companies have set up for you.

    If they have given you FTP access than yes you should be able to access your install however you may want to check with them as to whether they can enable it for you.

  • Dale Hazlett

    Sue and Mason,
    Thank you for the tips. Is it possible for me to just re-name my /blog/subdirectory to something less troublesome like "/doorwayto/" then activate the muti-site functionality for subdirectories of the /doorwayto/subdirectory? I recognize that both of you are right about the best way being to set up WP in the root directory and /or to use two completely different sites and to link the html and WP sites. I am planning another site in the near future and I will endeavor to set it up better from the get-go. For now however, I'd like to try to make the multi-site functionality work with the site I have.

    I am reluctant to give up the html home page because that page uses a lot of graphical layout that I don't know how to duplicate in WP/BP (lots or rounded corner rectangles, transparancies, custom containers and photo groups (layers)).

    So far, I have done next to nothing with the WP/BP side of my site -created no pages, done nothing at all with the theme other than activate it -so if it is possible for me to rename the subdirectory folder that contains WP/BP without disrupting other defined paths, I would guess now is the time.
    Would it work?

  • Dale Hazlett

    Hi Tammie,
    Thank you for responding. Things have changed a bit since my last post. I have tried to follow Sue and Mason's advice while still hanging on to my HTML based home page. Under my old installation set up I had the html portion of the site placed in the root directory and one copy of WP/BP installed in a subdirectory called "blog". I changed that last night. Now I am using two entirely separate domains ( and I moved the contents of the old site and split them into the two new sites. Actually the new site is empty at the moment but I plan to replublish the HTML site to it from my desktop. The new site contains all of the WP/BP stuff and only that stuff. Tech support at my host also showed by how to make a cuople changes to the database so that it now references the site.

    I am hoping the now, because wordpress is in the root directory of the new .net domain, that I will be able to set up the multi-site function in WP 3.0. I know that this would have been simpler if I had just kept one site/domain with only wordpress on it but there are custom design features in the html pages that I like but I don't think I can do in WP/BP. My plan is to use the html site as a home page/landing page and provide a link from that to the wordpress site.

    Will this set up work? I have attached a couple screen shots of pages from 2 of my html sites so that you can see the kind of stuff I want to continue to be able to do. (the wrygrassroots page is not finished and still needs clean-up design work) Maybe all of this stuff can be done in WP/BP but I don't know how yet.
    Thanks for your advice and help.

  • Moonworks

    You may want to take a look at one of the following two plugins, which would allow you to use PHP in WordPress:

    Using these, you could then select to start WordPress on a static page, instead of the usual home page.

    To do this, in your WP admin, go to Settings>>Reading and select the static page you want to use.

    This may be a way to have your page looking just as you want.

    When creating your page, see if you have the option to make the page full width, on the left of the page creation page, under Page Attributes (right side of the screen). If not, it is very simple to edit the current page.php file and create a template that is full width. This would allow for the design that you have.

  • Mason

    Dale, Do you have access to your database? If you have cPanel then it's under PHPMyAdmin.

    Look for a "wp_options" table (or wp_1_options if you already have multisite up and running).

    You'll see an option name for "siteurl"

    The value for this probably reads ""

    You want to edit it to ""

    In case you've never worked in PHPMyAdmin, just click the pencil icon next to the row of the table you want to edit.

    Hope this helps.

  • Dale Hazlett

    Thanks Mason. That is exactly what I needed to know. You are a life saver.

    I am having a lot of trouble with tech support at Blue Host. They are all very nice but -about half of them tell me that I am not allowed to either down-load or upload anything at all and must work live on the site, -the other half of them are happy to tell me how to get the job done -it's a coin toss about whether I get help or obstruction. The last guy there told me I must work live on the site and also that I must make the (www) change in the siteurl by changing something in the htaccess file. I had a look at htaccess. I know I will have to go there to finish this whole installation, but at least at present it clearly has nothing in it that specifies the site url.

    Thanks Again

  • Moonworks

    I had a similar problem with Fasthosts, though I think they could be considered even worse. Whenever I had a problem with my Plesk control panel, their answer was that I should use Google to find the answer, and that was with a dedicated server with 'full support'.

    I now use Tagadab who are the most helpful host I've ever had. They will actually go in to fix certain things, and a big bonus is that I don't have to mess with any other files to create sub-domains, just create a wildcard in the control panel and it is all done.

    It may be worth looking at other hosts before your site really gets going, as you don't want to discover another problem once you have lots of members.