How to enable Two Factor Auth on Multisite

On Multisite with Defender network enabled you can enable Two Factor Authentification in Defender settings in Network Admin. It seems, however, to only be enabled for the main site. How do I enable it everywhere?

  • Ari

    Hi Pablo Gonzalez,

    Once you have installed the WP Defender plugin, activate it & enabled the 2FA ( 2 factor auth ). You are done with it, however it is single site or multi site.

    I see that you have enabled 2FA for one user. to enable it for other users you have to login with that user, then you can enable it for that user. Example:

    Assuming your site have 3 users:
    User 1 - admin
    User 2 - subscriber
    User 3 - admin

    Now if you logged in as User 1, you can only enable the 2FA for this user. Not for other. They have to do it.
    Also if you enabled 2FA only for admins, then if you login as User 2 who is not admin, he can't enable the 2FA.

    To enable the 2FA you have to go: users->select current user->below click on enable button under Two Step Verification.
    Then you have to scan the barcode by your mobile app
    Then mobile app will show you a code, you have to put this code on the site where you see the field.
    then save it.

    Hope this make sense. If you any problem regarding this, let me know here.

    Regards, Ari

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