How to estimate stats for an ecommerce site that hasn't been launched yet


I'm about to launch an ecommerce site in the models of eBay (to put it in the simplest possible way) and I need to know if there's a way to estimate what my site stats will be for the first month or so -and by that I mean page views, number of registered users and so on. I need to know what kind of server specs I'll need, and I honestly don't have much of an idea on that. At one of the companies I checked it says that 16 GB of RAM and 400 GB is "Ideal for complex web apps, multiple busy sites, forums or web shops." (, but, like I said, I have no idea.

WP Engine (another hosting company) sent me a questionnaire to know what my necessities are, asking things such as my number of visitors per month, registered users, etc.. Is there any way to have at least some sort of estimative, so I can provide them with this info? From the companies I've seen so far, they seem to offer the best plan for me, since I want to start small and need the possibility to expand indefinitely. Their business plan has unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage and they adapt the RAM use on a per case basis, with the servers being fully managed by them.


  • Michelle Shull

    Hi, Gabriel!

    Sadly, no, there's not a good way to estimate future traffic without a baseline. As a brand new site, your traffic will depend on a lot. How well you publicize it, first and foremost, will determine a lot, and it will take time to build any ranking in search engines. I'd estimate the first month is going to have relatively low traffic. Most hosts will (enthusiastically) help you scale up to more premium plans if you need them, but I would definitely read the fine print with any host you go with. One of my first hosts (now out of business, to the surprise of no one) took down my site and locked access to it unless I paid hundreds of dollars for going over the bandwidth limit by 3MB. I don't mean to scare, just encourage you to do your reading and make an informed choice.

    Good luck with the launch! I know it's been in the works for a long time. Knock 'em dead, Gabriel!

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