How to export old worpdress to new wpmu with ftp

Hey there-

Mason was helping me out last night, but I am hoping someone can help this morning? I decided to move over wpmu from The chat gentleman (david) assured me that I would lose nothing except for plugins. he told me that the people handle absolutely everything. I specifically asked if I would lose the look, the content, etc. Again, the answer was “no”, just the plugins will have to be downloaded, reactivated, and reconfigured.

I changed my dns back to old host in an attempt to log back in to my admin and export the files and import them in to my new site.

No luck :slight_frown:

Instead, I got a ton of error messages. Mason was going to correct it, but I am pretty sure he’s on a time change and is fast asleep. I am in need of urgent help as I promised my viewers that I would be launching a feature at 9 am (this morning). Unfortunately, I spent so many hours last night trying to fix this and was unable to finish my feature :slight_frown: