How To Extend Roles & Capabilties

Currently I can only get EasyBlogging (EB) to display for users who have Roles designated with Wordpress standard (Author, Editor, COntributor)...

I am looking to extend the EB dashboard to custom roles, and would like to confirm what "capabilties" are required for EasyBlogging to authenticate the user role. I ask because I have the exact same author role capabilities set for my custom author role and the EASY BLOGGING is not granted access,

So far I have found this function in EB:

function wdeb_current_user_can ($roles)

So i am assuming the EB checks for specific capabilites associated with roles to determine if the user should be granted view of the dashboard.

Can you please confirm what Roles & Capabilities variables/settings, Easy BLOGGING needs set to display?

I am using Justin Tadlocks Members Plugin to modify and create roles and capabilties

Here is the plugin url:
<< >>

I duplicated the Author Role Capabilties for My Custom-Author Role but Easy Blogging is not working.

I am not sure if these capabilities are specific to the plugin or if they are part of the wordpresss coding standards:

• delete_published_posts
• edit_published_posts
• publish_documents
• edit_posts
• edit_published_documents
• read
• read_document_revisions
• upload_files
• delete_documents
• delete_posts
• edit_documents
• post_avatars
• publish_posts
• read_documents

When I use these capabilities for my custom_auithor role Easy Blogging does not recognize the user as a Blog Writer.

Thoughts? Suggestions?