How to fix a broken WP-Site?


while updating WP to 4.6.1 the site broke down and I could not even recover from backup. The failed recovery-attempts are reported and remain unsolved in this thread. The current state is, that the site is available to the visitors, but I cannot access wp-admin. Furthermore, a few articles are not displayed (fortunatly they are still in the DB, which I have checked already).

So I would like to hear about any best-practice-recommendation about how to setup a broken WP-Site from scratch and add the articles, themes, uploads and plugins from the broken one. The site had no comments allowed, we only use it for technical documentation.

I already tried the following:
- Install fresh WP on new directory
- copy the following folders into new dir /wp-content:
-> plugins (default plugins remained untouched)
-> themes/my_theme (the default themes remained untouched)
-> uploads (this folder did not exist in default WP-installation)

Then I set the target-directory for the domain to the new directory and checked the website in browser. The wizard started, which remembered me to tell the new WP-installation about the previous database. So I ignored the wizard and went back to FTP, where I have copied the wp-config.php from the old dir to the new dir.

Furthermore I have changed file-names:
/wp-admin/install.php -> installX.php
/wp-admin/setup-config.php -> setup-configX.php

and checked website again (after clearing cache of course). But the wizard remained.

I'm sure that my workaround is far from best practice and probably the project needs to be inspected a bit deeper in order to re-set it up correctly. But I'm no developer, so I wonder if anybody here could help me with this?

Thank you and kind regards,

  • Bojan Radonic

    Hey Sascha,

    Hope you're well today :slight_smile:

    Opening multiple threads related to the same issue is not going to speed up the process, it rather slows down support and creates more delay, I appreciate that you've mentioned already having a thread regarding this issue and since it's a pretty lengthy one I'll pass this over to guys who were handling that one (Ash and Rupok) since they are already familiar with the issue you're having, someone will be responding there shortly.

    As for best practises simply restoring a backup is the way to go, everything else is pretty much case by case depending on the type of issue you're having.

    With that said I'll ping my colleagues on that thread so we can try to speed up the process for you, closing this one so we can continue the conversation there.


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