How to fix BlackHole Exploit virus and avoid future attacks

So I got a user tell me that their AVG blocked my website (and all my websites in my Bluehost account) due to a BlackHole Exploit Kit.

I downloaded AntiVirus plugin and that plugin detected files in my theme that got hacked. Sure enough index.php and other files got hacked.

I basically deleted those files and re-uploaded them.

Then I re-installed my version of Wordpress for each website. Pain in the ass!

Does anyone know how to avoid this in the future? I learned how to fix it but not how to avoid it.



  • 3SixtyEvolve

    Hi Giovanni

    Thank you for being part of our Community!

    I completely understand your frustration and I am glad that you did get the problem sorted. It would be great if you can actually share the steps you took to remove the BlackHole Exploit Kit. Regarding this, I found a very interesting article about the BlackHole Exploit Kit. Worth reading...

    To avoid any type of hacking threats, you should take care of the following things (recommended by Bluehost):

    - Firstly, and most importantly, set up very strong passwords.
    - Remove malicious files and/or files you are not familiar with.
    - Update all scripts/applications to the newest versions available.
    - Update all plugins to the newest versions available.
    - Delete any databases/applications from your account that are no longer in use.
    - Fix dangerously writeable permissions.
    - Hide your configuration files.
    - Tweak your php.ini file.
    - Connect to your account using a secure network.
    - Make sure your local computer is secure.
    - Anti-Virus Applications

    You can read their full article on 'Basic Site Security Checklist' here:

    Let me know if this information was helpful. And don't hesitate to be in touch should you need any further support from our side. I will resolve this thread, but if you feel you require more input from our Support Team, please don't hesitate to reopen it. Just select the 'Mark as Not Resolved (re-open)' box below the post area (otherwise we might miss your new post).

    Have a good day and all the best with your server security!


  • Arun Basil Lal

    Hi guys,

    Here are couple of WordPress plugins that would help you stop and scan for such problems in the future:

    WordPress Firewall 2. This is awesomeness in a box -

    Exploit Scanner. Am new to this plugin, a user in here was using it and I tried it out. Looks good -

    @Giovanni - I am very interested to know what you did to get rid of the infection. I get a lot of these attacks on my server.

    Hope that helps a bit,

    Arun Basil Lal

  • Giovanni


    All I did was update my Wordpress install. The websites that were at the latest version it was easy, just click Re-Install button in the core-upgrade.php menu

    I also re-uploaded my theme files and deleted those on the server.

    I then re-uploaded my plugin files.

    I did this for 10 websites so you can imagine what a pain it was. Some websites did not have the latest WP install and I could not upgrade on fear of malfunciton so I re-installed the files for the respective versions.

    It was a pain but worth it.

    To check if my theme files got screwed I used AntiVirus. Sad this plugin doesn't do the same scan for plugin files though and core files.

    Good luck and thanks for the 411!


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