How to force Autoblog to import images

Dear Support,
I am experiencing the same difficulty many other users are posting about Autoblog not pulling in feed images. I am pretty sure I have the settings configured correctly and I have enabled the feature image addon but still no pizza...
I have read allot about the problems, but I have not found a general solution.

The site I am working on is a fresh install of WP:
Support Access is Granted

There is not much up there yet as I am new to WPMU Dev and want to add need plugins 1 by 1 after each is confirmed working.

What is the difficulty with posting feed images with AutoBlog? It is by far the best RSS Auto-Post plugin I have tested, in term of ease of use, clear configuration and options, but besides doing its base job of creating posts, it does not import images. Other less 'qualified' WP RSS plugins do handle feature and post images without issue. Well, you have heard all this 1000 times from other users.

Could you please steer me in the right direction? If AutoBlog does not work as expected, please inform me so that I can revert to another RSS post plugin, I do not want to waste more time than necessary.

Thanks, and keep up the good work. I love what your team is producing.